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Lewitt LCT 540 SUBZERO Ultra-Low-Noise Condenser Microphone


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Rediscover sound

Experience all details

The engineering of this particular piece of cutting-edge audio technology asked for a forward-thinking approach towards capsule and circuit design. As a result, a way of experiencing sound at infinite depth and absolute precision came to life; its name, the LCT 540 SUBZERO. Get involved with tone and sound in ways unheard and bring your recordings to perfection by capturing all the fine-grained characteristics that constitute each moment of your performance. Rediscover your instrument and voice on a whole new level of musical detail.

Better than human hearing

Unique self-noise architecture

To see how good our hearing is in a purely technical way we can look at the threshold of hearing. Bear in mind that our hearing threshold is very frequency dependent. Human hearing is less sensitive towards low and very high frequencies and most sensitive around 2 – 5 kHz. Comparing the hearing threshold to the self-noise values of the LCT 540 SUBZERO, you can clearly see that our microphone is always below the threshold of hearing. The entire frequency spectrum is important, here, because looking at a microphone’s self-noise as a single value just isn’t detailed enough when discussing high-end sound transducers.

Function and design

Useful features - Great flexibility

- Integrated Clipping Indicator

- Automatic Attenuation

- Clipping History

- 80Hz & 10Hz low-cut filters

- -6dB & -12dB pre-attenuation