AV for Houses of Worship

There is a gap in the industry. Production professionals often don't understand the specific needs of a church service, mobile church plants, or ministries within the organization. Meanwhile, AV installers often don't understand how live production needs to work in order to deliver the music and message clearly and consistently. We bridge this gap.

Dominion Sound is specifically engaged in providing production equipment and services for churches entering the modern age. We draw on our extensive knowledge of commercial AV and concert production to provide solutions specific to the needs of a church or church plant.

The Church Plant Process:

1. Consultation

We meet with you and ministry staff to discuss each of their needs. Be it the worship band, the pastors, the hospitality team, anyone who serves. We look at the venue, take measurements, and get an accurate picture of what will be possible in the space based on the ministry requirements.

2. Design and Customization

We build a system, a volunteer friendly system. It can be almost autonomous, or built for seasoned AV operators, or a combination of both! We can design custom enclosures and cases, program presets, set up a good mix for your worship team and ministers, and solve logistical challenges for day to day operation.

3. Integration

We physically deliver and install all of the required equipment and infrastructure for your solution to work flawlessly. We work out how your service needs to run, and program the systems to meet those needs.

4. Volunteer Training

Most churches count on the dedication and support of volunteers to run services - and we are here to help them get comfortable as quickly as possible on new systems. We provide training and help to develop good habits just like those found in big concert halls. 

Give us a call today and lets put your worship facility back on the straight and narrow. 613 884 2599