Pro Development Seminars List for Audio and Lighting Technology

by Alex Benn

This is a quick list of online courses, recordings of past seminars, and whatever else manufacturers are offering for while we are sitting in our homes not doing shows. I tried to provide a few application notes based on my experience with the sessions.
Most of these folks are adding more courses as things go along, so follow them on Facebook or check their website for new material.


Adamson weekly online webinars. If you weren’t aware, Adamson Systems makes seriously good PA systems right here in Canada. While their content is centered around Adamson products such as their arena design software, and their Lake powered amplification and DSP systems, its a good chance to get some tips on how to plan out your PA system deployment in a venue. Coming up, they are going more into the Lake platform as well - Lake provides robust processing solutions of their own and their technology can also be found in many of the best signal processing systems from major PA manufacturers.

Audinate (the Dante Folks). If you like network technology, check this out, get Dante certified. The most practical application for this is understanding not just IP-based networking (Dante cert is basic stuff, don’t worry), but the reasons why a network would be setup a certain way. There are a lot of options when setting up an IP-based network and a lot of it can get lost in the mix without a clear functional objective. These courses demonstrate and provide examples of a functional design objective to strive for.

D&B Audiotechnik online training (Seminars fill up fast) A range of online sessions on line array theory, use of D&B products, making venue layouts etc) Great stuff if you are interested in PA systems deployment. D&B Audiotechnik is one of the leading manufacturers of loudspeakers and DSP/amplification for large scale touring and theatrical applications. The line array theory is a great one to catch by the way, it is explained incredibly well.

Meyer Sound has been doing a weekly series the last while mostly about using MAPP XT, proprietary software for predicting PA system coverage). Hosted by Merlijn Van Veen, a widely recognized authority on the physics and calculations surrounding loudspeaker deployment, this is a lot about obtaining optimal coverage in a venue, why phase alignment matters, and a few great tips for making quick estimations. Meyer Sound is one of the leading manufacturers of loudspeakers and DSP/amplification for large scale touring, broadcast, post production, and theatrical applications.

RF Venue training sessions. If there is something you should definitely know more about these days, it’s wireless. RF Venue does some great introductory lessons on how to set up RF devices and also gets into the more complex stuff with interviews from highly regarded professionals in the field.

SMAART makes software for capturing and analyzing frequency response plots, and most importantly, calculate “transfer functions”. Used to time align PA systems, measure linearity, etc. They’ve put some fundamentals videos up online. Suggest downloading the demo of SMAART to follow along.

Milan Networking. I’ve pulled this one out of a past three day virtual conference (Listed below under “AV”) in order to highlight the subject of audio network technology based on open-standards. While products like Dante etc are great tools and certainly have their place, the major PA systems manufacturers typically design their product lines for the longer term, and it is risky to rely on proprietary technology that must be licensed. It’s not unrealistic for a loudspeaker system to remain in a venue for more than a decade or two before it is replaced so all of the connectivity that goes into its deployment has to be considered as well. Milan technology is interesting because a lot of major players in the industry set out to create an interoperable set of network communication standards specifically for the AV world:



Martin has a few sessions coming up here on lighting design and an overview of Martin’s touring and architectural lighting products. Martin is a leading manufacturer of theatrical lighting, widely used around the globe. Around Ottawa, you may recognize the “Aura”, “Viper”, “Quantum Wash”, “Mac 101” among others. All Martin products.


Obsidian Control Systems. These folks took over the Martin “M” series LX consoles such as the MA1 and MPC. They’ve also developed a range of DMX and ArtNet devices for touring applications. They are doing weekly sessions on how to use the “Onyx” software which is the latest iteration of what you will find on Martin consoles out there. Their Netron sessions go into configuring networks to pass ArtNet signals, and distribute that to DMX signal chains.


AV Nation Learn from Home Commercial Summit. This was a three day virtual conference presented by a variety of experts and business owners in the AV industry. Of the recordings available so far, there is a collection of “101” type courses, and various perspectives on where we are heading going forward. Check back here again later for more as their recordings (hopefully) are uploaded.